1. In paragraph one, on the first line you must enter the date in the format day/month/year. On line 3 add your full name, and on line 4 your full address, including country.

2. Read 2.2 b carefully. Do you have instrumental masters? If you can provide instrumentals, but you are unable to provide mastered versions, we now have an ‘opt in’ service, where we will master them for you (appropriate to the sensitive timeframe) if they are chosen for placement. We do this at the cost of $100 CAD per track, and this is subtracted from your license fee. If your instrumentals are not mastered, please select ‘YES’ from the Instrumental Masters Dropdown in the first section of the create audio compilation uploader.

3. Read and consider section 2.2 c If you have any moral or ethical concerns/restrictions for the use of your music, please notify us in the first section of the create audio compilation uploader.

4. Read, consider and comply with section 3.2 & 3.3 :  All works must be original, with no uncleared samples. You, not the company, will be held liable for any infringement of copyright in this regard.

5. On the bottom of page 3 add your NAME, ADDRESS and then under client either manually SIGN (if you have printed the document) or add a digital signature. PRINT or TYPE your name below the signature, and at the bottom of the page write the DATE in the format day/month/year.

6. Fill out Schedule A for requested tracks. Please note on the final page of the agreement, If you have no publisher, write CONTROL in the publisher section. Be sure to write the writer and master owners PERCENTAGE of ownership along with each owners full name. P.R.O. stands for Performing Rights Organization. Please list who your music is registered with i.e. SOCAN/APRA,BMI etc.